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allama iqbal poetry in english ghazal (baly jibril-052)

allama iqbal poetry in english ghazal baly jibril

baly jibril-052

Ejaz Hai Kisi Ka Ya Gardish-e-Zamana!
Toota Hai Asia Mein Seher-e-Farangiyana

This wonder by some glance is wrought, or fortune’s wheel has come full round:
At last the Frankish charm has broke, The East by which in past was bound.

allama iqbal poetry in english ghazal

Tameer-e-Ashiyan Se Main Ne Ye Raaz Paya
Ahl-e-Nawa Ke Haq Mein Bijli Hai Ashiyana

By the building of my nest, This secret hid was brought to view
That for the bards that sing and chant the choice of nest is bolt from blue.

allama iqbal poetry in english

Ye Bandagi Khudai, Woh Bandagi Gadai
Ya Banda-e-Khuda Ban Ya Banda-e-Zamana!

If slave to God, you grow divine, If slave to world a beggar mean:
You are the master of your fate, so make the choice the two between.

allama iqbal

Ghafil Na Ho Khudi Se, Kar Apni Pasbani
Shaid Kisi Haram Ka Tub Hi Hai Astana

Of selfhood heedless never be, Your gaze to self always confine:
Who knows, you mat anon become the threshold of some sacred shrine.

english ghazal (baly jibril-052)

Ae LA ILAH Ke Waris! Baqi Nahin Hai Tujh Mein
Guftar-e-Dilbarana, Kirdar-e-Qaharana

O heir to creed no god but He, In you I see no sign or trace
Of mighty deeds that terror strike, Your talk devoid of charm and grace.

Teri Nigah Se Dil Seenon Mein Kanpte The
Khoya Gya Hai Tera Jazb-e-Qalandarana

Your glances bold would strike the heart with awe, though sheathed within the breast:
Alas! a Qalandar’s fervent zeal in you is dead and is at rest.

Raaz-e-Haram Se Shaid Iqbal Ba-Khabar Hai
Hain Iss Ki Guftugu Ke Andaz Mehramana

Of Sanctuary’s secret hid Iqbal perhaps is well aware:
His speech and song display alike a confidential mode and air.

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