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TOP 10 best places to visit world wide nature in the world | The most beautiful places in the world

Space scenes and exotic plants, strange landscapes, and mysterious wonders of nature - there are many amazing places on Earth that can surprise even the most experienced traveler. The richness of colors and the originality of the relief of the planet create natural phenomena of amazing beauty that amaze the imagination.

Our virtual tour will allow you to look at the most beautiful and interesting places in the world that have surpassed the fantasies of surrealist artists. Looking at these charming corners of the planet, many believe that getting there is unrealistic. You will be surprised, but it is not. All the places described have a developed tourist infrastructure, and it will not be difficult to get to them even for a physically unprepared traveler.

To do this, you do not have to climb mountains, wander through the hot desert or wander off-road. Thousands of tourists are personally convinced of the indescribable charm of earthly nature, setting off on the most unforgettable journeys of their lives.

TOP 10 most beautiful places on planet Earth

Socotra Archipelago, Yemen

Socotra Archipelago, Yemen

A mysterious cluster of several islands and rocks is located a hundred kilometers from Somalia, in the Indian Ocean. According to authoritative researchers, the archipelago broke away from the African continent about 6 million years ago and has since existed separately from the rest of the world

Thanks to such a long isolation, flora and fauna unusual for our planet was formed on Socotra. Many travelers compare the feeling of being on the island with the idea of ​​alien life forms. Island landscapes really resemble beautiful scenery for fantastic blockbusters about traveling to other planets.

Amazing plants grow on the archipelago, which are completely different from the usual trees and shrubs of the Earth. For example, the world-famous red Dracaena looks like a mushroom 10 meters high. There are reptiles, fish, mollusks and corals found here that are not found anywhere else on the planet. In coastal waters, the rarest pearls are mined - black with a blue tint. According to experienced travelers, Socotra confidently leads the ranking of the most beautiful natural places in the world.

Colored rocks, China

Colored rocks, China

The multi-colored Zhangye Dankxia mountain range is famous for its bizarre play of shades of red-brown sandstone. An unusual natural site is located in the Gansu province, in a protected area.

Geologists believe that hundreds of millions of years ago there was a reservoir, the bottom of which was covered with deposits of multi-colored sand. Due to global warming, the giant sea has dried up. The accumulated deposits oxidized and acquired unthinkably beautiful color overflows. In the Cretaceous period, a hilly relief formed here. But we will not bore you with geological details, we will only advise you to once again admire the inexhaustible fantasy of the planet Earth.

Today, the colorful rocks in the vicinity of the town of Zhangye are incredibly popular with tourists. They come here from all over the world to enjoy the Martian landscapes, ride a boat and take impressively beautiful photographs. Not far from the mountains there are several interesting sights, including:

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Great Blue Hole, Belize

This is one of the best places on Earth for those who are not indifferent to sea diving. A recognized wonder of nature is located in the center of Lighthouse Atoll, in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the Yucatan Peninsula. Territorially belongs to the state of Belize. The deepening is a rounded funnel 305 m in diameter, 124 m deep.

The correct shape of the hollow gives rise to many guesses about its origin. In addition to the official theory associated with the collapse of an underwater cave, there are hypotheses about a meteorite or UFO falling into the ocean.

The big blue hole became famous all over the world thanks to J-I. Cousteau, who dived into it for research in 1972. The famous captain named it one of the ten best places on the planet for professional divers. Divers have a rare opportunity to see beautiful species of fish, in particular, giant groupers, reef sharks, etc.

Local residents advise caution when diving into the Blue Hole. Tidal currents form rapid whirlpools, drawing in objects floating on its surface. At low tide, the reverse process occurs: high fountains erupt from the funnel.

One of the most impressive flower plantations on the planet is located near the Hilleg station, between the towns of Leiden and Haarlem, as well as in the Keukenhof park.

In the vicinity of Amsterdam, beautiful tulip fields can be found in the land of Beimster. You can also enjoy the indescribable fragrance of millions of flowering plants. It is interesting that the fields are not fenced and guarded: tourists can walk here completely freely.

Unlike other most beautiful places that nature has created on Earth, plantations are man-made. This is one of the few examples in the world when a person managed to create such a grandiose beauty phenomenon.

Mountain River Cave, Vietnam

Mountain River Cave, Vietnam

The most beautiful places on Earth continue to open today. An example of this is the Shondong cave with a river flowing through it. This amazing natural formation was discovered in Quang Binh province in 1991, and began to be studied only in recent 2009.

It's hard to believe, but the mountain cave is so huge that all the skyscrapers of New York can fit in it. Its highest part reaches 200 m, and the widest - 150 m. The total length of the amazingly beautiful underground world of our planet exceeds 6 km.

Speleologists manage to go down into Shondong only in dry seasons, as the river flowing inside, Hang Sun Dong, floods many areas of the cave in rainy weather. From constant erosion, part of the vaults collapsed, forming majestic cave halls. Impenetrable jungle has grown in the illuminated places of the cave.

Hitachi National Park, Japan

Hitachi National Park, Japan

Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture is a unique example of landscape design on

planet Earth. It occupies a vast territory of 150 hectares. Hitachi Park attracts tourists with amazing metamorphoses: every season it changes as if by magic.In

spring, blue forget-me-nots and pale pink sakura reign here, in summer - bloody poppies, in autumn - multi-colored cosmos. The park is the best place in the world, the beautiful nature of which is conducive to romantic walks and family vacations. There is a swimming pool, an amusement park, a zoo or other benefits of civilization.

Star Sea, Maldives

Star Sea, Maldives

To find yourself in outer space, it is not necessary to overcome the gravity of the Earth. It is enough just to buy a ticket to the Maldivian island of Vaadhoo . It is here where the most famous glowing beach on Earth is located. Myriads of twinkling lights are lit at night in seawater thanks to bioluminescence.

This rare beautiful phenomenon on our planet is explained by the glow of phytoplankton. Living microorganisms radiate light energy in the process of life, which effectively illuminates the sea surface. Vacationers think that real stars are reflected in the water. With the onset of darkness, the starry sky and the sea merge, giving rise to an amazing illusion of a fairy-tale world.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The list of the most beautiful natural places in the world would not be complete without a waterfall, which the locals call "thundering smoke". An exceptional wonder of the world is located in South Africa, on the very border of Zimbabwe with Zambia. Victoria Falls stretches for an immense length - 1800 m. Water falls from a height of 120 m. In the splashes of the majestic water cascade, one can often observe a huge rainbow.

The slopes of the gorges are created as if specially for crazy rafting. While the calmly flowing Zambezi River is ideal for boating. From the Zambian side, extreme tourists have the opportunity to go to the very edge of the waterfall and swim in the Devil's Pool.

Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon in Arizona needs no publicity. One of the longest canyons on the planet Earth is cut through the mountain range by the Colorado River. Its length is grandiose - 446 km, and a dizzying depth reaches 1800 m.

Let me give you just a few useful tips. The southern edge of the canyon is constantly packed with tourists. To appreciate all the natural wonders of one of the most beautiful places in the world, you should go to its northern part. Better yet, go down the river raft and spend the night right in the gorge. A curious journey awaits those who dare to the "cowboy" way of sightseeing: a ride on horses or mules

If you are not a fan of water and horse extreme sports, we advise you to use the most comfortable and impressive option - a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.

On Distant Shores: Valley of Geysers, Russia

The TOP 10 of the best places on the planet is closed by the famous geyser valley in Kamchatka. This exceptional wonder of nature served as a living backdrop for the Sannikov Land film.

In a relatively compact area, there is a cluster of large geysers and hot springs, which periodically gush with jets of boiling water. The swirling steam, and the incredible colors of the slopes covered with lush green grasses, create a truly unprecedented spectacle. The picture is complemented by mud pots, picturesque lakes, waterfalls and seething streams flowing down from the mountains.

We have shown you just a few of the most beautiful places in the world, the number of which on Earth is endless. In fact, our globe is the most beautiful planet in the entire universe.

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