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5 Hot Nails Design on The main trends - from minimalist to bold


We show 5 options for a non-standard manicure for the new season.


© Nail.Sucre, Nailsinurcoffin, Nycnailroom/Instagram*

Manicure, which is done with a special sprayer, is not a new invention. Previously, the airbrush technique was used for a boring ombre effect. Now a new technique is in trend - aura nails, nails with bright patches of light, similar to "photos" of the aura.

If you do not share the esoteric mood, try an inverted manicure: spray a light (or even white) shade on a dark base.

Games with light

© Ysn_Nails, Photon_Y, Nailpom_Nico/Instagram*

Special effects are still in trend. Cover your nails with reflective glitters, duo-chrome, and holographic textures or magnetic polishes for a manicure that resembles a cat's eye.

For a special, magical effect, a non-standard coating is hidden under a generous layer of a transparent top. So the manicure becomes even more voluminous.

metal french

© Ysn_nails, Betina_Goldstein, Nailedbytav/Instagram*

There are a lot of modern variations of a non-vulgar French manicure  . For this fall, choose a metal jacket. Here, as with jewelry, you should not be afraid of the combination of gold and silver, but it is best that the tips specifically contrast with the nail.

Volumetric details

© Betina_Goldstein, Nailsinurcoffin, Nycnailroom/Instagram*

Fantastic forms on the nails are not always a frightening nail art of the zero. In the modern world, acrylic flowers are being replaced by complex forms, more reminiscent of digital art. These can be geometric shapes, minimalistic drops or a thin protruding stroke in the shape of a nail.


hello kitty nails design,libra nails design,press on nails,red and black nails design,heart design nails

© Ysn_Nails, Biddietokyo/Instagram*

We'll have to accept: the pink color will not let us go at least until winter. Choose the most doll-like shades and the most childish patterns, do not disdain rhinestones and stickers. By the way, if you transfer all these techniques to natural-length nails, then the barbican will look less outrageous.

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