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urdu kahani urdu kahaniyan sachi kahani in urdu fount intresting urdu story | اردو سچی کہانی یتیم کی زندگی

My name is Saleem. My father was a big landowner. Our lands were spread over an area of ​​200 acres. Grain was abundant.
Uncle Jawar's son was Zaheer Ali. He was 2 years older than me but he was a mosquito in front of me in terms of stature. It was not uncommon for Aunt Jan to take revenge on me. Her eldest daughter's name was Ghazala
She was three years older than me. She was proud and grumpy like her mother. God had given her beauty and also gave her tenderness at a young age.

If I refused, I would be reprimanded and explained that I am younger brother and it is my duty to serve my elder sister, so it was also explained that I am older brother and obeying my sister is also my duty these days. I was 15 years old and I was 18 years old. My aunt used to tell her not to play with me

She had been playing with me since she was little. She had become so accustomed to me that she would come to me even when her mother and brother interrupted her. She would put her arms around my neck and call me brother John. I had a sister, I had a world, I had a life
In those days Uncle John had gone out of town for business. Ghazala and Zaheer were in their infancy. Shahina came and lay down on my bed. That Shahina would sleep with me. She gave permission and went to her room. She kept telling fairy tales to Shahina till nightfall.

She fell asleep listening to the children's stories. In her sleep she looked very innocent. I kissed her forehead lovingly and thought that my Shahina is accustomed to sleeping on a comfortable bed and I sleep on the floor just because she sleeps. It was a brother's bed, but I wish my sister had always slept on the bed of forgetfulness.

I got up and started walking towards Aunty's room so that I could tell her to pick up Shahina and take her to her bed. Aunty's bedroom door and windows were closed.

There was silence for a few moments, then his voice was heard. Who is Farhad? Are you? Yes, Shahina is asleep. Please pick her up. And she would be lying on the floor helpless. The donkey heard her angry voice somewhere
When I see that he is too busy to argue, don't run away, I will put on my shoes. I am too stubborn too. I stood and stared at the door. I used to sleep, but my aunt was so bad-tempered that she would not get up and open the door. I stared at the door for a long time.

He was saying, "Darling, you're upset. The boy is gone. You don't know. Aunty's frightened voice is heard. I feel like her eyes are staring. How many times have I seen her eyes in a dream?" He is not the child of any human being. He is the child of the devil. I put both hands over my eyes.
And with imaginary eyes I am wandering in the darkness of aunty's closed room. I am asking with my eyes why you don't open the door. That door opened a little. There was really darkness in her room. When he saw Shane, he closed the door saying that you go, I am coming. I bowed my head and started walking towards my room through the corridor. Who is the person
And why is it that he didn't really understand that to some extent even the six of understanding was obscured in his mind. He got entangled between understanding and not understanding something. The voice was so mysterious that my age began to change imperceptibly towards youth
Aunty came to my room after a while she looked at me angrily then she bent down to pick up Shahina from my bed at the same time I asked if anyone has come to see you? She looked at me in shock. She was terrified for a long time. Then she started moving towards me. She said, "Who will come to see me at night? Your mind is damaged. I heard someone's voice in your room, so I I am asking
Before the talk was over, he slapped me on the face, then grabbed my arm and led me to his room. I will not leave you alive. Tell me who is in your room. Who is your mother's friend whose voice you have heard. I stood in front of them

My challenge was such that she started looking at me from head to toe with a little surprise. I was twelve years old but my height was equal to hers. Maybe for the first time she was looking at my height in amazement. Speak as you open the door. Look, there is no one here. You have been deceived.
I heard that I slammed into the room and started looking for this person all around. In that time she went back and brought Shahina and she was sleeping on the bed. She said: I am not satisfied yet. It is getting longer like a camel. When I kill it, my hands start to see. It is good. Let your uncle come. He will be the one to take notice of you.

I kept thinking for a long time about the person whose voice I had heard but did not see. Maybe Aunty had chased him away or hid him somewhere. I could not understand his cunning. So I slept late in the morning, then when I heard Uncle John's thunderous voice, I opened my eyes and quickly got up and sat down.

They were eating page and tab with anger. Salt makes a hole in the plate which is eaten. Is I raising you for the same day? I got up without understanding anything She was shaking hands and looking at her uncle.

Uncle John said yes then he spoke to me then last night you loved Shahina you I nodded in affirmation said yes yes as soon as he heard this answer uncle John received a loud slap on my face I couldn't keep my balance I fell in bed I didn't know it was a crime to love my little sister

How the cunning woman had beaten the poor boy to death with her husband. She knew that if the talk of the night came out of her mouth, then my honor would be found in the dust. They long for the love of their parents

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