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Moral stories in english | O LOVE, WEEPING OVER YOUR END | moral stories in English for reading

Most people will remember the romantic incident that took place a few months ago, in which a girl sits on her knees and expresses her love to a boy in public and then a boy

 Most people will remember the romantic incident that took place a few months ago, in which a girl sits on her knees and expresses her love to a boy in public and then a boy holding a red rose in his hand, hugs the girl as if  The honor of accepting the invitation of.  Fellow students in the vicinity save this beautiful scene in the eye of the camera and loudly congratulate the loving couple on the success of this mission and engage in spreading these beautiful scenes all over the world.

 Seeing these scenes, many people must have thought that we would have lived such a romantic life.  I wish our love was also talked about in the streets.  I wish we or our beloved had expressed love in public and thus the beloved would have been found with fame.  I wish…

 Just a few hours after the incident went viral, the other side of it came out, which made many wish less.  The incident was so criticized by sensible people that the loving couple felt that their lives were in danger.  The couple even had to be expelled from the university in an emergency to clean up their act.  Although some sources claim that such incidents had taken place before, but as the matter was confined within the walls of the university, the students concerned were protected from disciplinary action.  Later, the so-called liberals in my country supported the couple's actions so much that the university had to give them a chance to complete their degree.

 And now, a few months later, thanks to the media, the third aspect of this incident has come to light, which has not only made the supportive liberals bow their heads in shame, but has also forced the failed lovers of the past to give thanks.

 Recently, when some YouTubers came to know the latest situation from this loving couple, they were surprised to hear from the mouth of 21st century Laila Majnoon that they have lost contact with each other.  The lunatics regretted that Laila should not have expressed her love in public.  He blamed the contemporary media for all the incidents which show such incidents and then the raw minds start following it.  Majnoon, regardless of how Laila's life will go now, will be adopted or not, said that after two years when the degree will be completed, if the parents give permission then we will see.  That is, parental permission is required because he belongs to a remote village in Kot Momin Tehsil of Sargodha.  In addition, 21st century lunatics have complained that Laila's actions endangered her life and future.

Parents need to pay attention to their children's education.  They should be given full knowledge of good, bad, halal, haraam, permissible and illegitimate.  Otherwise, they will continue to make a mockery of us by earning our blood and sweat, believing wrong to be right and right to be wrong.  Just like when the journalist asked the girl if she felt her action was right, she said it is right if it is done with the permission of parents.  That is, if the parents know, they can kiss the non-mahram boy in public while expressing love with him while acquiring knowledge in the university.  This shows that his parents deprived him of the basic teachings of the religion.

 The above incident demands from all of us as a nation that we not only follow the Islamic teachings ourselves but also give regular education to our children.  Don't let our heads be bowed in shame tomorrow. 

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